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Fwd: BCF Homeless to Housing Community Initiative Announcement

Biff Traber, Mayor, Corvallis

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Date: August 18, 2017 at 2:25:47 PM PDT
Subject: BCF Homeless to Housing Community Initiative Announcement

Some very welcome news here from Chris Quaka at Benton Community Foundation!  
Please share to your networks.

From: Chris Quaka [mailto:chris@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Friday, August 18, 2017 1:44 PM

Benton Community Foundation has provided more than $82,000 in funding this year 
to support people experiencing homelessness in Benton County.  Below is our 
announcement regarding a new Homeless to Housing funding initiative.

Chris Quaka                                                                     
 For Immediate Release 8.18.2017
Benton Community Foundation

Benton Community Foundation announces Homeless to Housing Community Initiative
BCF partners with local non-profits to help people experiencing homelessness in 
Benton County

Benton County, OR - The Benton Community Foundation is pleased to announce the 
Homeless to Housing Community Initiative.  With the help of our community, BCF 
has provided more than $82,000 in funding this year to support the basic needs 
of people experiencing homelessness and the comprehensive services which help 
people move up and out of poverty. The goal of this initiative is to raise 
additional funding that will support the local continuum of care for those 
experiencing homelessness in Benton County.

"This is a natural fit for a community foundation," stated Dr. Gerry Kosanovic, 
Chair of BCF's Board of Directors.  "We know that there are children, families, 
and individuals throughout Benton County who lack permanent housing.  BCF was 
founded to make a positive difference in the lives of people in our area."

In 2017, for every dollar BCF spent to support non-profit agencies in Benton 
County, more than 17cents funded programs that provide food, shelter, mental 
health services, childcare, case management, and other services focused on 
people who are in need.  The Benton Community Foundation distributed more than 
$793,000 in scholarships, grants, and other funding this year.

"Through this funding initiative we hope to raise awareness about how we can 
change the future of people who are experiencing homelessness in our 
community," states Chris Quaka, CEO of the Benton Community Foundation.  "We 
focus on matching the interests of local philanthropists with the life changing 
work our non-profit partners provide in Benton County."

Benton Community Foundation staff and board members have collaborated with the 
Housing Opportunities Action Council, local non-profits, community leaders, and 
volunteers to create the Homeless to Housing Community Initiative.  For more 
information about this initiative or how you can help the Benton Community 
Foundation create a brighter future for our youth please contact us at 

About Benton Community Foundation:  Founded in 1953, Benton Community 
Foundation provides funding to support a bright future for children, youth, and 
families living in Benton County. To find out more about the Benton Community 
Foundation and how we invest in our community through philanthropy please visit 
our website at www.bcfgives.org<http://www.bcfgives.org>, or call 541-753-1603.

Chris Quaka
(o) 541.753.1603

  Investing in our community through
           philanthropy since 1953!
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