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Street Sergeant©: First-Line Supervision Training

Improving performance and confronting misconduct.
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Street Sergeant©: Evidence-Based First-Line Supervision Training—Murray, Utah
Street Sergeant©:
Evidence-Based First-Line Supervision Training
Chief Harry P. Dolan (Ret.) Chief Harry P. Dolan (Ret.)
Brian Nanavaty Capt. Brian Nanavaty (Ret.)
Attorney Matt Dolan Attorney Matt Dolan

Five-day first-line supervisory course critical for both new and experienced public safety supervisors committed to leading from the front.

No public safety organization can function without well trained first-line leaders. The first-line supervisor is the most influential position within the organization. Their role, therefore, demands strong leadership, self-confidence, competence, management skills, and an understanding of how to influence their subordinates, the organization, and the community.

Street Sergeant©: Evidence-Based First-Line Supervision Training—Murray, Utah

This training utilizes existing research findings on effective field leadership and management within law enforcement agencies to provide tools for success for first line supervisors. Attendees will be introduced to the fundamentals of first line leadership, personnel management, coaching techniques to improve officer performance and confront officer misconduct—all with an emphasis on what successful leaders do to improve morale and organizational effectiveness.

Course Objectives:

  • Evidence-based police field leadership
  • Performance coaching
  • Creating a motivated workplace and improving morale
  • Confronting undesirable field performance
  • Making discipline stick for the benefit of the team member and community
  • Legally confronting toxic employees
  • Ethical police leadership
  • Supervisor liability
Street Sergeant©: Evidence-Based First-Line Supervision Training—Murray, Utah
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