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Performance Evaluations for Public Safety

Are they helping us or hurting us?
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Performance Evaluations in Public Safety—Grand Rapids, MI
Performance Evaluations for Public Safety

Grand Rapids, MI   |   October 3, 2017

Attorney Matt Dolan Attorney Matt Dolan

It is vital to successful agency operations that employee performance be observed, documented and discussed effectively. Unfortunately, in far too many agencies, performance evaluations have little or no relationship to what supervisors are actually observing in the field.

This course is designed to assist agency leaders in determining what kind of formal performance evaluation system—if any—is right for your agency. Attorney Matt Dolan will discuss the legal pitfalls of continuing the use of broken performance evaluation systems that do not reflect the reality on the ground, and will discuss the common structural failings that doom so many supervisors who are attempting to accurately gage the good, the bad and the ugly that they are observing in their subordinates’ day-to-day performance.

Performance Evaluations in Public Safety—Grand Rapids, MI


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Performance Evaluations for Public Safety
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Performance Evaluations in Public Safety—Grand Rapids, MI Dolan Consulting Group
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