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Welcome to Stephanie - newest member of Library Admin!

Hi Library Advisory Board, Friends and Foundation members!


I am so happy to announce that Stephanie Conn will our new Senior Administrative Specialist (replacing the wonderful Erin) starting on Tuesday, September 12.


Stephanie has been with the City of Corvallis Parks and Rec department since 2015 doing various kinds of administrative work for both the Aquatic Center and Parks.  I am very excited she will be joining our team – she has an amazing attitude, lots of energy and a great deal of experience that will be beneficial to the library.  I asked Stephanie if she wouldn’t mind sharing a few details about herself.  Here’s what she told me: 


I grew up in Lebanon and have lived in the Lebanon/Albany/Corvallis area my whole life. I am married to a wonderful man and we have one child, she is 5 and her name is Alayna. I have a passion for community and helping people. I am an underground foodie and LOVE to cook, try out new recipes and eat at fun new places.


Please continue to use our workaround assignment tree of who does what even after Stephanie starts.  Once things get settled, I’ll send something that’s updated with who does what.  


Thanks to all of you for your patience during this time of transition for the admin office too. 


Please help me welcome Stephanie to the Library world and show her why we are the best Library around!


All the best,



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