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Addressing rising tensions with North Korea

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Fighting for emergency wildfire funding

Right now, Oregonians across the state are grappling with the devastating effects of wildfires. Ash is raining from the skies, people are being forced into shelters, and three of the most dangerous fires in the country are raging in our state. That is why Jeff is fighting for emergency funding for wildfires in the disaster bill that is expected to move through Congress this month. Jeff is also working with his colleagues on both sides of the aisle toward a long-term fix that would fund fighting huge wildfires the way other natural disasters are funded, instead of raiding next year’s fire prevention. In addition, Jeff is working to ensure this disaster aid package includes significant funding to help communities recover from the devastating damages caused by wildfire. 

Jeff will do everything he can to make sure Oregon communities have the resources and manpower they need to fight these fires now, and to recover after they’re extinguished.

Read Jeffs statement on Oregon wildfires here >> 


Diplomatic solutions to address rising tensions with North Korea

As a Senator from a Pacific-rim state, Jeff is concerned about the growing nuclear threat posed by North Korea and the dangerous rhetoric from both Kim Jong-un and President Trump. That is why this past month, Jeff, as part of his service on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, traveled with a bipartisan delegation of lawmakers to Korea, Japan and China to meet with elected leaders, and government and military officials and strengthen partnerships with allies in the region. Jeff knows that now more than ever, it is critical for the United States to join with our allies to form a unified front against North Korea’s provocations and encourage diplomatic, thoughtful solutions. He will keep working to continue to engage with congressional colleagues and foreign leaders to explore the best ways to manage North Korea’s threats and advance our shared security.

Read more about Jeff’s trip to Asia here >>

Securing a win for crab fisheries

Jeff knows that Oregon’s signature Dungeness crab fishery is a tremendous asset to the state, supporting good-paying jobs up and down our coast. That is why Jeff fought for and won passage of a key bill that is vital to its success. The bill permanently extends a decades-long fishery management agreement that preserves the fair-play rules and sustainable practices that have helped the fishery stay strong for the commercial fishermen who rely on it.

Without this legislation, crab fisheries in Oregon faced an uncertain future without an approved fishery management plan. This permanent extension will help keep Oregon’s Dungeness crab fishery thriving and prosperous for years to come.

Read more about the crab fishery bill here >>


Hearing from Oregonians around the state

Most Senators don’t hold town halls. Jeff can’t imagine doing the job without them. In a "We the People" democracy, town hall meetings are an essential tool for Jeff to hear from Oregonians and represent their interests back in D.C.

Every year since Jeff has been a U.S. Senator, he has held open town halls in all of Oregon’s 36 counties to hear from folks in every part of the state. This past month, Jeff held his 318th, 319th, 320th, 321st, 322nd, and 323rd town halls in Eugene, Corvallis, Albany, Newport, Dallas, and Newberg, respectively. He joined community leaders, students and residents to discuss how to work together to create foundations that Oregon families need to thrive -- good education, affordable health care, and living-wage jobs.

Every year, hearing directly from Oregonians in all 36 counties is invaluable for Jeff as he fights for Oregon in Washington, D.C. -- and 2017 was no exception.

Check out Jeff’s travels throughout Oregon here >>


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