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September edition: MRF Innovation, Drowsy Driving, & more

Delivering the latest trends in technology and products that are reshaping the waste industry.
Some of leading producers of equipment for material recovery facilities (MRFs) have all unveiled new products of late. New screens, sorters and some robotic solutions all bring with them improvements in performance, less downtime and smoother operations for MRFs overall.
Waste Management believes that autonomy will have a long-term impact on all transportation fleets, including waste industry fleets.
This article is brought to you by Compology, a provider of container monitoring software for waste haulers.
This article is brought to you by OnePlus Systems, smarter sensors for better business.
The study reveals a spike in drowsy driving-related collisions and near-collisions on the Monday and Tuesday mornings following Sunday and Monday night televised NFL games.
The Sustainable Packaging Coalition saw a need for a tool that could provide environmental feedback in the early design phases.
This article is brought to you by VAN DYK Recycling Solutions, North America’s leader in developing turnkey sorting systems for single stream, e-waste, MSW processing, C&D, and plastics recycling.
This article is brought to you by AMCS, the leading supplier of integrated software and vehicle technology for the waste, recycling and material resources industries.
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