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Climate Action Plan

Dear Mayor and City Council,

I am writing to you as a Corvallis Resident concerned about climate change and 
encouraged by the adoption of the Climate Action Plan.  The Climate Action 
Plan, recently adopted by the City Council is  good solid start.  Corvallis 
residents continue to support sustainability and livability by supporting 
numerous non-profit organizations that are focused on CO2 mitigation, 
education, justice and equity.  We all know what happens to a plan with no 
organization to run it.  It collects dust on a shelf somewhere and no matter 
how strong it is, it is doomed to fail.  I believe that we do not have the 
luxury to ignore this plan.  In fact I believe that we need to feed it, 
fertilize it, shed light on it, and grow it.  Please consider providing a 
volunteer committee to implement the recently adopted Climate Action Plan.  It 
may be the most important action taken by this council.

Thank you for your time and service to our community.
Most Sincerely,

Julie Williams