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Press Release
For Immediate Release
Corvallis Fire Department
400 NW Harrison Blvd.
  Corvallis, OR 97333
Phone: 541 766-6961  Fax: 541 766-6938
DATE:           09/14/2017
EVENT TIME AND LOCATION:        October 7, 2017 - 12-4 PM: Downtown Fire Station & Lewisburg Rd. Rural Station.
Carmen Westfall, Fire Prevention Officer
(w) 541-766-6909
Corvallis, OR — Corvallis, OR — The Corvallis Fire Department is pleased to announce its annual Open House & Safety Fair on Saturday, October 7, from 12-4 p.m. at the downtown fire station (400 NW Harrison Blvd.) and at the Corvallis Rural Fire Protection District's Station 6 (554 NW Lewisburg Avenue).  During this time, both fire stations will be open to the public.  Visitors may tour the facilities, learn important fire safety behaviors, participate in realistic firefighter activities, watch real-life fire and rescue demonstrations, interact with other community safety organizations, and meet members of the Corvallis Fire Department.
This year's fire safety theme is: “Every Second Counts, Plan 2 Ways Out!”.  As our lives get more and more busy, sometimes fire safety is the last thing on many families’ minds.  With over 90% of all home fires caused by human carelessness it continues to be extremely important families make time for fire safety and share important fire safety information with all family members, particularly small children.   As most home fires are preventable, residents are encouraged to attend this year's Open House to learn important ways to protect themselves, their homes, and their families from fire and other health & safety risks to children in and around the home.
This year’s Fire Prevention Week runs from October 8-14 and commemorates the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 where the two-day blaze killed more than 250, left 100,000 more homeless, and destroyed more than 17,000 buildings.
For more information regarding the Open House, residents can call 541-766-6961.
Some of the highlights planned for each of the fire stations include:
STATION 1 (400 NW Harrison Blvd.)              
  •         Watch live fire demonstrations, to include a vehicle rescue operation, a hazardous materials incident, and a live fire exercise.
  •         Have your child safety seat inspected.
  •         Experience our 40' Children’s Fire Safety House.
  •         Kids can participate in numerous firefighter activities.
  •   Visit several other child safety & health advocates.
  •         Complete a free child ID kit for your children.
  •         Learn how to use a portable fire extinguisher & properly extinguish a cooking fire.
  •         Kids can play on a free fire themed inflatable
  •         Bike helmets provided/sold to qualifying kids by the Mid-Valley Bicycle Club!
  •         Interact with OSU Athletes.
  •         Meet Pluggie, the robotic fire hydrant, & Sparky, the Fire Dog.
  •         Tour the fire stations.
  •         Participate in fire safety activities and win cool prizes.
  •   Check out the fire safety house of hazards.
STATION 6 (544 NW Lewisburg Rd.)
  •         Kids can participate in firefighter activities.
  •         Ride on a real fire engine.
  •         Learn how to protect your property in or near wildland interface areas.
  •         Tour the fire station.
  •         Meet Sparky, the Fire Dog
  •   Watch fire department demonstrations, including a vehicle rescue operation.
We would ask that media outlets please print or announce all or part of this PSA in their publication as an article or public service event announcement over the next two weeks.  Your support is greatly appreciated.
For questions regarding this press release, please contact Carmen Westfall, Fire Prevention Officer. 541-766-6909
Jim Patton
Fire Prevention Officer
Corvallis Fire Department
office: 541-766-6903
fax: 541-766-6938

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