Citizen participation on City of Corvallis boards and commissions serves two important purposes:

  1. Citizens are directly involved in their local government and can positively impact the future of their community.

  2. The City Council receives timely input and information regarding issues and potential impacts on citizens.

The various boards and commissions serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council within their respective areas of municipal policy. Members are unpaid volunteers who devote countless hours of their time to these community activities. Anyone living in Corvallis, employed or self-employed full-time in Corvallis, or residing within Corvallis' Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) may serve on these advisory boards and commissions. Members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Typically, each term of office runs for three years; no individual member may serve more than three consecutive terms or nine years.

The Public Works Department staffs six Advisory Boards and Commissions.

Airport Advisory Board - Advises Council on matters concerning the management and control of the Municipal Airport and on the planning of the Airport Industrial Park.
Riverfrontpath   Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board (BPAB) - Advises Council on bicyclist and pedestrian issues, including recommending projects, addressing safety concerns, and public outreach and education.
    Capital Improvement Program Department Advisory Committee (CIP) - Recommends to the Public Works Department a five-year capital improvement program to identify needed infrastructure projects required to implement the vision of the Comprehensive Plan, analyzes funding strategies, prioritizes projects, and develops the CIP planning document.
    Transit Departmental Advisory Committee - Advises the Public Works Department on the operation and maintenance of the City's transit system. Recommends route changes, service expansion, and shelter placement; analyzes funding strategies; and responds to issues with the contracted service provider.
Downtown Parking Committee
  Downtown Parking Committee - Advises the Downtown Commission and City Council on matters concerning parking in the Downtown area, including the pursuit of opportunities which integrate new parking development with the community’s vision of a diverse and vital Downtown.
Watershed   Watershed Management Advisory Board - Advises Council on the management of the Rock Creek watershed located on the east side of Mary's Peak. The primary duty of the Commission is to advise the Council and staff regarding implementation of the Stewardship Plan.

Other City Boards and Commissions - To view information on other City Boards and Commissions click here.


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