The Corvallis Airport has 102 metal T-hangars that are privately or City-owned and available for rent to the aviation public. City owned T-hangar rentals range from $136.00 to $173.00 per month. All T-hangars have hard-surfaced floors and 40' wide by 12' high door openings. The City has 34 units with electricity and 20 units without electricity. The units with electric service only have 15 AMP service and two fluorescent lights. The service is provided as a convenience for use when occupied only and is controlled by a 30-minute timer.

T-Hangar Rates

Unit 5600 (1-12) and unit 5620 (1-12) are rented monthly for $173.00. These hangars have full drywall interiors and electricity paid by the airport.

Unit 5615 (1-10) hangars are also rented monthly for $157.00. These hangars have full metal walls and electricity paid by the airport.

Unit 5635 (1-10) hangars are the same as unit 5615 but without electricity and rent for $136.00.

Unit 5640 (1-10) are the oldest hangar units with metal walls and no electricity. These hangars rent for $136.00 per month.

City T-hangar rental is based on a "month to month" agreement, and the City gives a 10% rent discount for a one-year lease, paid in advance.

In addition to City-owned T-hangars, there are privately owned hangars available for rent. All privately owned hangars have electricity and rent for rates similar to those of City hangars.

Hangar Site Land Rates

The airport has a limited amount of vacant land available on which individuals may build a private aircraft hangar. In this instance a long-term land lease is required for such a hangar site, at the current rate of $0.24 per square foot. All utilities are established and available.

Rates listed are in effect as of July 2014. For more information on T-hangar or hangar site land lease availability, call the Airport Manager at 541-766-6783, or Development Review at 541-766-6941.
Last updated: 8/14/2015 12:27:29 PM