It is the policy of the City of Corvallis to provide qualified and eligible veterans and disabled veterans with preference in hiring and promotion, in accordance with all applicable laws.

To be qualified for Veterans’ Preference, a veteran or disabled veteran must successfully complete an initial application screening and meet the minimum qualifications for the position. This initial screening will occur prior to any consideration of Veteran's Preference.

To be eligible for Veterans’ Preference, veterans must have been honorably discharged and must submit verification of eligibility, including copy of the Certificate of Release or Discharge Duty form (DD Form 214 or 215). A veteran seeking consideration as a disabled veteran must also submit a copy of the veteran's disability preference letter from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, unless the information is included in the DD Form 214 or 215.

Veterans’ Preference does not mean that qualified and eligible veterans must be appointed to vacant positions. Instead, the City of Corvallis will apply a uniform method by which veterans and disabled veterans will receive special consideration when seeking employment or promotion. In the event a qualified and eligible veteran or disabled veteran is equal to or better than the top candidate, after the preference has been applied, the veteran or disabled veteran will be appointed to the vacant or higher position. It is the policy of the City of Corvallis to comply with all applicable laws regarding veterans’ preference. Any questions about the City’s policy should be directed to Human Resources.

Veteran's Preference Procedure

Last updated: 6/27/2016 2:01:06 PM