Flood Warnings and watches are issued by the National Weather Service and can alert communities to the threat of hazardous weather conditions. Forecasts, advisories, watches and warnings from the National Weather Service may be broadcast on local radio and television stations, the National Weather Service web site at www.wrh.noaa.gov/Portland, or NOAA Weather Radio, which broadcasts forecasts and warnings 24 hours a day. Other local radio and television stations carry Emergency Alert System (EAS) broadcasts as well during an event. Tune your radio to 550 AM KOAC or TV to channel 29 for announcements and updates about flood events.
What do the designations mean?

  • Advisories are issued for less serious weather conditions that cause inconvenience, but life and property are usually not at risk if caution is exercised.
  • Watches mean that conditions are favorable for the development of hazardous weather. Flood watches are issued 12-72 hours in advance of an event where flooding is not certain but possible.
  • Warnings mean that hazardous weather is occurring or is very likely to occur, conditions that pose a threat to life and property. Flood warnings are issued when a river is expected to reach flood stage.
Last updated: 9/13/2012 3:42:15 PM