The Community Development Department supports seven Advisory Boards and Commissions.

Citizen participation on City of Corvallis boards and commissions serves two important purposes:
  1. Citizens are directly involved in their local government and can positively impact the future of their community.
  2. The City Council receives timely input and information regarding issues and potential impacts on citizens.

The various boards and commissions serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council within their respective areas of municipal policy. Members are unpaid volunteers who devote countless hours of their time to these community activities. Anyone living in Corvallis, employed or self-employed full-time in Corvallis, or residing within Corvallis' Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) may serve on these advisory boards and commissions with the exception of the Planning Commission and Historic Preservation Commission. Members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Planning Commission and Historic Preservation Commission members are selected by the full City Council. Typically, each term of office runs for three years; no individual member may serve more than three consecutive terms or nine years.

Board of Appeals - Hears appeals relating to building and fire codes as they are being interpreted and enforced by building officials and the Fire Chief.

Downtown Advisory Board - Advises Council on matters concerning the downtown Corvallis area.

Historic Resources Commission - Advises Council on policy and legislation regarding Historic Perservation. Serves as the quasi-judicial decision making body for historic preservation permit applications.

Housing and Community Development Advisory Board - Formulates and recommends policies on housing and community revitalization issues and recommends policies to provide for and conserve low and moderate-income housing in the City.

Land Development Hearings Board - Comprised of three Planning Commissioners. Conducts public hearings related to appeals of land use decisions made by the Director or Community Development Planning staff, and serves as quasi-judicial decision making body for some types of land use applications.

Planning Commission - Advises Council on policy and legislation with regard to comprehensive planning. Serves as a quasi-judicial decision making body for land use decisions.

Last updated: 10/17/2016 9:52:16 AM