Whether you're looking for reserved venue for a picnic, wedding and reception, or a party, a Corvallis Parks & Recreation park shelter might be just what you need!  These sheltered outdoor event spaces provide some protection from the elements, plus access to barbecue grills, picnic tables, running water, and more. Each shelter is a little different, but all spaces reflect our commitment to providing great event space at an affordable rate.  

When you rent a Corvallis Parks & Recreation park shelter, you get:

  • Reasonable rental fees
  • Barbecue grills available at all shelters
  • Most shelters include access to electricity
  • Most shelters available for rent year-round
  • Early reservation (up to eighteen months in advance)
  • Your choice of caterer or self-cater for no additional charge
  • Alcohol allowed with no corkage fee (separate permit required)
  • Amplified sound and concessions allowed (separate permit required)
Image of Fire Side Shelter 

Fire Side Shelter
(max. capacity: 25 under room; 200 in surrounding area)
A great place for picnics and reunions, this Avery Park & Natural Area park shelter is close to the horseshoe pits, a playground, and a historic locomotive. Learn more.  Learn more.

 Image of Lions ShelterLions Shelter
(max. capacity: 100 under the roof; 300 in surrounding area)
This shelter in Avery Park & Natural Area is a popular choice for parties and weddings. It features a massive picnic table and is close to the dinosaur bones and the locomotive. Learn more.
 Image of Maple Grove Shelter

Maple Grove Shelter
(max. capacity: 50 under the roof; 100 in surrounding area)
Quiet and secluded, this shelter in Avery Park & Natural Area is near the Marys River. It includes a playground, and is within easy walking distance of the Rose Garden.  Learn more.

 Image of Rotary Shelter

Rotary Shelter
(max capacity: 143 under the roof; 300 in surrounding area)
Relax at the river in the beautiful Rotary Shelter in Willamette Park. It's large capacity and nearby sports fields and playground make it a great choice for parties of all kinds. Learn more.

 Image of Thompson Shelter

Thompson Shelter
(max capacity: 120 under the roof; 500 in surrounding area)
Centrally located within Avery Park & Natural Area, this popular shelter is close to a playground and the horseshoe pits. Learn more.

 Image of Townsend ShelterTownsend Shelter
(max capacity: 80 under the roof; 200 in the surrounding area)
This shelter is close to many of the Avery Park & Natural Area's most popular attractions, including the Rose Garden, locomotive, the dinosaur bones, and a baseball field. Learn more.
 Image of Walnut Barn ShelterWalnut Barn [closed to new reservations through March 31, 2018]
(max capacity: 120 under the roof)
Enjoy serene meadow views and proximity to children's play areas and baseball fields from this converted barn in Martin Luther King, Jr. Park. Learn more.

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