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Amiton, RianAssociate PlannerCommunity Development(541)766-6573 Email
Anfilofieff, PavelBuilding Inspector IICommunity Development541-766-6536 Email
Balkema, JohnathanProject Coordinator IICommunity Development541-766-6582 Email
Carlson, DanDevelopment Services Division Manager/City Building OfficialCommunity Development541-766-6539 Email
Corliss, JohnBuilding Inspector IICommunity Development541-766-6534 Email
Crowell, SharonSenior Administrative SpecialistCommunity Development(541)766-6908 Email
DeMarzo, JoeHousing Program SpecialistCommunity Development541-766-6553 Email
DeWilde, FrankElectrical InspectorCommunity Development541-766-6533 Email
Domrude, JeffBuilding Inspector IICommunity Development541-766-6551 Email
Flick, CherylPermit Technician IICommunity Development541-766-6549 Email
Franklin, LisaCivil Engineer ICommunity Development541-766-6542 Email
Gordon, CarolCode Compliance SpecialistCommunity Development541-766-6548 Email
Hall, GregSpecialty Inspection SupervisorCommunity Development541-766-6546 Email
Harris, AaronAssociate PlannerCommunity Development(541)766-6575 Email
Heine, TerriSenior Administrative SpecialistCommunity Development541-766-6554 Email
Hensley, DavidPlumbing InspectorCommunity Development541-766-6535 Email
Holroyd, TenillePermit CoordinatorCommunity Development541-766-6547 Email
Johnson, SarahSenior PlannerCommunity Development(541)766-6574 Email
Larsen, RobBuilding Safety InspectorCommunity Development541-766-6583 Email
Laurent, MarciManagement AssistantCommunity Development541-766-6981 Email
Lewis, ShannenLand Use InspectorCommunity Development541-766-6544 Email
Loewen, BobHousing Program SpecialistCommunity Development541-766-6552 Email
Metz, CarlAssociate PlannerCommunity Development(541)766-6576 Email
O'Connor, MichaelProject Coordinator IICommunity Development541-766-6538 Email
Peterson, BeckyPermit Technician ICommunity Development541-766-6540 Email
Russell, KevinProject ManagerCommunity Development541-766-6709 Email
Shope, ChristianAssistant PlannerCommunity Development541-766-6315 Email
Slater, KhamEngineering Tech III (Grading and Erosion Control)Community Development541-766-6451 Email
Smith, AshleyPermit Technician ICommunity Development541-766-6528 Email
Sonnabend, FrankElectrical InspectorCommunity Development541-766-6580 Email
Voice, JaredSenior PlannerCommunity Development541-766-6450 Email
Weiss, KentInterim Community Development Director/Housing and Neighborhood Services Division ManagerCommunity Development541-766-6555 Email
Wolterman, PaulProject Coordinator IICommunity Development541-766-6581 Email
Yaich, JasonSenior PlannerCommunity Development(541)766-6577 Email
Young, KevinPlanning Division ManagerCommunity Development(541)766-6572 Email