Canines may romp off-leash with their owners in the designated off-leash areas of these parks:

Corvallis **Fenced** Dog Park
entire enclosed area at 3rd & B Streets
Bald Hill Park
areas north and west of the barn ONLY
Chip Ross Park
entire park is off-leash
Martin Luther King Jr. Park
open fields south of the multi-modal path, EXCEPT ball fields
Willamette Park
entire park EXCEPT sports fields, playground and shelter areas
Woodland Meadow Park
west side of the park ONLY
Crystal Lake Sports Fields
turf areas from November to March ONLY; dogs must be on leash near the boat ramp

Most off-leash areas are not fenced; for their safety, make sure your dogs are well trained before taking them to an off-leash park.

Owner's please note that only one of Corvallis off-leash areas is fenced. For everyone's safety, only dogs that will respond to voice control and reliably return to their owners should be allowed off-leash in the non-fenced parks. Parking lots are not considered part of the off-leash areas.

If your dog has previously displayed dog, human, or wildlife aggression, please do not allow your dog off-leash in ANY Corvallis park.

Dogs are NOT permitted in these Corvallis parks, even when on leash:

Central Park
Chintimini Park
Franklin Square Park
Lily Park
Washington Park (dogs prohibited in the playground area only, otherwise allowed on leash)

In all other Corvallis parks, dogs must be leashed and under control. In all Corvallis parks, owners should keep in mind:

Picking up after your dog is required per Municipal Code
Respect other park users by preventing your dog from jumping on, barking at, or otherwise harassing patrons.
Display license, vaccination, and owner contact information tags on your dog's collar.
Because dogs under 4 months old are vulnerable to injury & illness, they are not appropriate for off-leash areas.
Do not bring females "in heat" to off-leash areas.
For safety, do not bring more than 3 dogs per person to an off-leash area.
Do not allow your dog to dig holes on City property.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Looking for more canine fun? Check the Osborn Aquatic Center's Special Events page for information on Osborn's Dog Day, held annually, usually in early October. This event gives dogs the opportunity to enjoy water play in Osborn's outdoor pools, after the human swimming season has ended.
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