Chip Ross Area oak Habitat Restoration Project - 2017 Plan

Slash piles that were burned in 2016 will be seeded with a native seed mix in the spring of 2017.  Remaining slash piles will be burned in the fall of 2017, followed by seeding of affected areas.

Invasive plants such as false brome, Himalayan blackberry, English hawthorn, and spurge laurel will be selectively sprayed across the entire restoration site.  Pesticide application may occur in the spring and fall of 2017.

Trail surfaces will have the cross slopes and drainage contours repaired and re-established in the early summer, once the ground surface has dried substantially to enable a successful outcome.

Chip Ross Trail Improvement Plan - 2017 Plan

Parks and Recreation staff are looking into trail improvements including adding base rock at the muddiest locations, replacing undersized culverts, and placing a cap rock layer on much of the trail loop.  The goal of this project will be to improve year-round trail conditions within the park.  While the trail project is not part of the oak restoration, the funding for the trail work is coming from revenues received from the oak release timber harvest.  For the maximum benefit this trail work will need to wait until ground conditions improve (dry out).

Contact Jude Geist, Parks Division Supervisor with any questions or concerns at 5451-766-6967 and/or



On the far north side of Corvallis. Parking access is at the end of Lester Ave. Additional access is by trail from Timberhill Open Space.   


125.6 acres

Chip Ross Park features an easy-to-moderate 1.5 mile trail through lush forest and hilltop habitats of upland prairie and Oak savanna. The park offers beautiful views of Corvallis, the Willamette Valley, the Coast Range and the Cascade Mountains. Hikers and runners can also access the many miles of trails in adjacent McDonald Forest from here.

Horseback riding and bicycling are permitted on seasonally designated trails. The park is a designated off-leash area for dogs and their humans to socialize and enjoy. There are picnic tables at the Lester Ave. trailhead.

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