On the northwest side of Corvallis, on Walnut Blvd.  The address is 4905 NW Walnut Blvd.


Approximately 29 acres

The Martin Luther King Jr. Park features both landscaped playing fields and natural meadow areas with upland prairie and riparian habitats. It is known for being home to Walnut Barn, a converted barn that is available to rent for parties and events.

The park includes a volleyball/badminton turf area, 2 horseshoe pits, and 2 softball fields (which may be reserved). There is a paved multi-modal path to Ponderosa Ave. and a one-mile dirt and gravel trail that includes two small bridges over a drainage way and climbs the hill to a nice view. There are good wildflower displays here in spring and summer. The park also has a designated "dogs off-leash" area.
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