In far southeast Corvallis, at the dead end of Goodnight Avenue.  The address is 1350 SE Goodnight Ave.


287 acres

Public Meeting Scheduled for November 14

Corvallis Parks and Recreation Department is hosting a public meeting on Monday, November 14 from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. at the Tunison Community Room, located at 365 SW Tunison Avenue.  The Department will be performing adaptive management actions on the Kendall Farms Natural Area 2001 restoration plantings.  The adaptive management will include invasive plant control, thinning of overly dense tree plantings to promote tree health, and spreading wood chips on the loop trail.  The public is invited to come learn more about the Kendall Farms Natural Area and the need for the adaptive management actions.

Willamette Park and Natural Area Description

Willamette Park and Natural Area is the City's largest park. It features significant natural areas, open meadows and playing fields. The park is best known for its Willamette River views and access, and the Frisbee golf course that winds through the park. The Frisbee golf course is used year-round by Frisbee enthusiasts for practice, exhibitions and tournaments. The course features two basket positions for each hole, which keeps the course challenging for participants and allows the meadows to recover from frequent use.

Another popular feature of Willamette Park and Natural Area is that most of the park is designated as "off-leash" for dogs. Dogs are required to be on leash only in the picnic shelter, play ground and soccer field areas. The park includes the Rotary Shelter at Willamette Park which offers great views of the river and can be reserved for parties and events. There is play structure for young kids and 2 soccer fields that can be reserved for tournaments.

Several hiking/jogging trails branch off of a multi-modal path that runs the length of the park. The path connects a nearby neighborhood at one end, and the Crystal Lake Sports Fields and Willamette Boat Landing at the other end. Several of the trails lead down to the river for easy riverside fishing.
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