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The City of Corvallis Stormwater Program is a facet of Corvallis Public Works that educates and engages Corvallis citizens and businesses in improving water quality through pollution prevention best practices and stewardship of local waterways. The City Stormwater Program goals include:

Dropglobe   Increasing interest in and knowledge of local waterways, personal impacts on streams, and best practice behaviors by Corvallis citizens and businesses
Dropglobe    Increasing ACTIONS performed by citizens and businesses to prevent polluted runoff and improve water quality
Dropglobe   Increasing citizen stewardship and responsibility for local streams and overall water quality

Did you know that storm drains flow to streams?

Most storm drains in Corvallis empty directly into our local streams and rivers. Storm drains, the grated openings in streets, collect water from rain and from lawn irrigation. This water flushes pollution, such as fertilizers, lawn chemicals, street oils, and litter off our lawns and streets and into waterways. Polluted water can impact the health of people and pets, harm fish and other aquatic life, and degrade the quality of our waterways.

The City of Corvallis has made important strides to protect and improve water quality, but creating clean and healthy waterways takes us all! There are some very easy ways that YOU can help ensure clean and healthy waterways. We are ALL the Solution to Water Pollution!

Contact the City of Corvallis Stormwater Program with questions, to request a group presentation, or to schedule a site visit to your local waterway.


Last updated: 9/9/2016 2:31:39 PM