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The City of Corvallis water system consists of critical infrastructure to treat and deliver water to your tap. Some is visible, but much of it is underground.

Corvallis operates two water treatment plants, ten booster pumping stations, eight finished water reservoirs that can store up to 21 million gallons, and one raw water reservoir that can store up to 100 million gallons. There are about 252 miles of water main underground along with about 6,954 control valves. The fire department can access sufficient water to fight fires through about 2,146 fire hydrants. There is a water system intertie with the City of Philomath so that Corvallis can augment Philomath's water needs when flows in the Marys River are too low to serve Philomath's needs.



Rock Creek Water Treatment Plant Taylor Water Treatment Plant

Corvallis draws water two sources. The Taylor Treatment Plant in southeast Corvallis draws water from the Willamette River. The Rock Creek Treatment Plant draws water from the Rock Creek Watershed on the east side of Marys Peak.

During 2016, the Corvallis Water System delivered about 2.76 billion gallons of drinking water. About 31% came from the Rock Creek Plant and 69% came from the Taylor Plant. The Rock Creek Plant treats about 3 million gallons of water each day, and the Taylor Plant's production varies between 2 to 16 million gallons a day, depending on the time of year and customer demand.


Water distribution crews flush mains to maintain water quality

Water is a perishable product. Corvallis maintains high water quality in the distribution system in several ways. Water crews routinely flush water mains to remove debris, scale, and biofilms. Water system operators move water among the eight storage reservoirs to make sure all stored water remains fresh, safe, and delicious. For more information on how Corvallis manages this critical infrastructure, see the Water Distribution page.

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