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Corvallis Streams and Streets Community Outreach Survey
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Thank you for helping with our Interactive Map!
Thank you to all Corvallis citizens that participated in the online Interactive Map to identify issues and opportunities to improve Corvallis transportation and stormwater systems. We received a total of 457 comments from the public. We are in the midst of analyzing these comments with information from stormwater runoff analysis, criteria for troublespot locations identified by the Healthy Streets Planning Initiative Technical Advisory Group, and Capital Improvement Projects to develop a set of prioritized locations for Healthy Streets features. Stay tuned for more information!

What is the Healthy Streets Planning Initiative? It's a comprehensive City planning effort to treat storm water, develop alternative transportation routes, expand urban green space, and improve community health. These ‘Healthy Streets,’ provide transportation options that serve pedestrians, cyclists, transit, the disabled and both the youngest and oldest members of our community. They also prevent non-point source pollution through the incorporation of decentralized treatment facilities into the City’s infrastructure that filter and detain stormwater runoff before it enters the Willamette River and urban streams.

Why is the City of Corvallis doing this? When the needs of people on foot, public transportation, and bicycles are integrated with the treatment of stormwater, our natural resources are better protected and the quality of life of our citizens is improved. Implementing the Green Streets Initiative will meet the goals of the City's sustainability policies and numerous community organizations as well as state regulations and goals defined by the Environmental Protection Agency.

When will the Healthy Streets Planning Initiative occur? The grant started in October of 2012 and will conclude in April of 2014. However, the plan and methodology created during the Healthy Streets Planning Initiative process will provide the foundation for future Healthy Streets projects and is just the first step in creating a more accessible transportation system that also protects water quality in our urban streams and rivers.

How can I get involved?

  • Read about the effort in the local newspaper and online. 
  • Engage with members of the Technical Advisory Group, which is comprised of representatives from the community with expertise in watershed conservation, storm water management, transportation, and neighborhood livability. 
  • Read the results of the Corvallis Streams and Streets Community Outreach Survey that was conducted in November 2012 to understand fellow community member perspectives on awareness and acceptance of the initiative. 
  • Check out the Community Forum portion of our website. You can submit questions online, and the City will both post the question and the answer in this portion of the website. 
  • Over the next two years, participate in opportunities the City creates to engage you. The Healthy Streets Initiative is about your community – your involvement is critical to the success of this effort.

Who do I contact if I have questions? For additional information contact Iris Benson, Stormwater Program Specialist, at (541) 766-6916.

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