Planning Division staff provide professional support to other City Departments, as well as outside entities such as Benton County, Oregon State University and Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, in the development and monitoring of master plans.


Typically, master plans are reviewed through an extensive process involving public input, and formally adopted through a related land use process such as a Land Development Code Text Amendment or Comprehensive Plan Amendment. Additionally, Master Plans will often address "Special Areas of Concern", as outlined in Article 13 of the Comprehensive Plan. Special areas of concern often have broader environmental, economic, and compatibility concerns that the City has chosen to address within the broader geographic contexts of the City limits and Urban Growth Boundary. 

Master Plans (Non-City)                                                                                                   


Master Plans and Facilities Plans (City of Corvallis)

Area Plans (City of Corvallis)

Area plans supplement the City's Comprehensive Plan, by providing a focused approach to planning and development within a geographic context that goes beyond the neighborhood level. The City's three adopted Area Plans are:

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