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The Corvallis Municipal Airport is located approximately 5 miles south of the City's downtown on Airport Avenue, off Highway 99W, and currently offers private and corporate aircraft services to the Corvallis community. Originally an Army air base, the airport was returned to the City after World War II. Numerous improvements over the years include utility systems, aircraft T-hangar storage, lighting, navigational aids, and runway and taxiway improvements. The airport has one fixed-base operator which provides fueling and aircraft maintenance services in addition to aircraft rental, charter services and pilot training classes.

Airport runways range in length from 3,345 feet to 5,900 feet and provide a variety of approaches, including visual, instrument landing system (ILS), and very high frequency omnidirectional radio/distance measuring equipment (VOR/DME). Navigational aids include instrument landing system (ILS), medium intensity runway and approach lighting (MIRL and MALSR) systems, precision approach path indicator (PAPI) and visual approach slope indicator (VASI), runway end identifier lights (REILs), and an AWOS-3 system located on the airfield. In addition, the airport is also equipped with a rotating beacon, lighted wind cones, wind "T", and segmented circle.

Aircraft storage is accommodated by 42 paved tie-downs, 102 T-hangars, and other indoor areas to accommodate larger aircraft. There were 154 aircraft based at the Corvallis Municipal Airport during 2005, and an estimated 50,800 operations were transacted during the year. Fully self-funded, the Airport derives its revenue from land and building rents, tie-down and T-hangar rents, fuel sales, and sales of grass seed from airport acreage.

Complaints regarding noisy or low-flying aircraft should be reported to the Airport Manager (541-766-6783). Specific information regarding date, time, location, and aircraft description will be helpful in responding to the complaint. Complaints regarding operational activities at the airport should also be reported to the Airport Manager. Emergency situations should be reported to authorities by calling 9-1 -1.

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