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OSU Neighborhood Parking Surveys
Oregon State University and the City of Corvallis have collaborated on neighborhood parking surveys to assess patterns of parking use in neighborhoods surrounding the campus. Click here for the results of the Spring 2015 survey.

Free Customer Parking
There are three customer parking areas in the downtown designed for shoppers or patrons of the nearby businesses located at 2nd Street, between Monroe and Madison Avenues; 2nd Street, between Madison and Jefferson Avenues; and 3rd Street, between Jefferson and Adams Avenues. In addition, there are two unrestricted parking lots available at 1st Street, north of Van Buren Avenue; and at B Avenue and 2nd Street. Click on Downtown Parking for more downtown parking information or Downtown Parking Map (pdf) to view locations.

Employees and downtown residents are prohibited from using these free spaces between 9:00AM and 5:00PM except Sundays or holidays. For more details, refer to Municipal Code 6.11.300. For more employee parking options, click on Downtown Parking, Alternative Modes Parking, Parking Lots-Permit & Free , or Parking Meter Rates.

Yellow Permit SignPermit Parking Lot 
The City maintains two permit parking lots in the downtown area: the Yellow Lot, west of 5th Street, between City Hall and the Downtown Transit Center, and the Purple Lot, select stalls within the free customer lot at 2nd Street and B Avenue. These lots are for employees of downtown businesses/organizations and residents. To park in the lot requires a permit purchased at Corvallis Public Works or City Hall. Permits are valid for three months to a year and can only be used in the lot for which they are issued. Click on Parking Lots-Permit & Free or Obtaining A Parking Permit for more information.

Residential Parking Districts
There are three residential parking districts in Corvallis. There are signs in each block indicating district "A", "B", or "C". Click on Residential Parking Permits for complete information. The district establishes a zone where nonresidents are restricted in the amount of time they can park on the street. The time limit for parking in these districts without a permit is a maximum of two hours, one time per day. You may not leave and return later to the same district to continue your time. Once you leave the parking district, you must park your vehicle outside the district if you wish to return to the area. Municipal Code 6.15: Residential Parking Permit Districts.

City-Wide Parking Enforcement
The Corvallis Police Department Parking Enforcement's charge is to educate the community and enforce the rules for parking in the areas surrounding the Oregon State University Campus, downtown and other areas throughout Corvallis and to make parking in Corvallis a more positive experience for everyone. Click on Parking Enforcement for more information.

Abandoned and Junk Vehicle Abatement
It is unlawful to park any vehicle on a City street, for a period in excess of 48 hours or upon any street in the Downtown Free Customer parking area in excess of 24 hours. For more details, refer to Municipal Code or contact Parking Enforcement at 541-766-6924.

Parking TicketParking Fines
The Corvallis Municipal Court handles all parking tickets issued by the Corvallis Police Department.

10 Hr MeterParking Meter Parking Meter Maintenance and Repair
The City maintains over 600 parking meters. Parking meters are located in the downtown area, in the Library and Fire Station parking lots, and near the OSU campus. While preventive maintenance keeps most of the parking meters operating in top condition, inevitably mechanical failures will occur. The City encourages the timely report of parking meter malfunctions. Click on Contact Us to report meters in need of repair.

Parked ContainerOther Parking Issues
For questions regarding Right-Of-Way Permits, including street closures, moving vans, dumpsters, or storage units not associated with building permits, but using public right-of-way access or parking spaces, contact Public Works at 541- 766-6916.

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