Corvallis Transit System is fareless!

Any person wishing to ride Corvallis Transit System (CTS) or the Night Owl may do so without paying a fare.  Other bus systems that connect to CTS, such as the the Philomath ConnectionLinn-Benton Loop and 99 Express, still charge fares.

CTS and the Night Owl became fareless on February 1, 2011 because of a new Transit Operations Fee which replaced the fares.  The fareless transit system encouraged bus ridership, which is a benefit to the entire community.  In its first year of fareless operation, CTS ridership increased by 37.9%. Revenue for system expansion is part of the TOF and increases as fuel costs go up, which helps serve increasing rider demands. CTS rolled out its first TOF-sponsored route enhancement on September 24, 2012.

TOF replaced the portion of the City’s General Fund (property taxes) previously dedicated to Transit, making those funds available for other uses such as the Library, Parks and Recreation, and the Police and Fire Departments.  It provides a stable source of local funding for matching State and federal funds.  The Fee was adopted by the Corvallis City Council at its January 4, 2011 meeting.

For background information on the change to a fareless system, please reference:

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