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Points of Interest on Route C1R
OSU (north side)
Witham Hill
Timberhill Shopping Center
Walnut Blvd
NOTE: The C1R does not operate during OSU's Winter, Sprint, and Summer breaks. There is no Saturday service. Call CTS Customer Service if you are unsure about the break schedule.

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Downtown Transit Center
Arnold & 26th (outbound)
Witham Hill Dr & Circle Blvd (at Witham Oaks)
Kings Blvd & Professional Dr
Kings Blvd & Monroe Ave (inbound)
3:35 3:40 3:45 3:50 3:55
4:35 4:40 4:45 4:50 4:55
5:35 5:40 5:45 5:50 5:55
Turn-by-Turn Description of CTS Route C1R
  • Start at the Downtown Transit Center at 5th St and Monroe Ave,
  • left onto 5th St,
  • left onto Monroe Ave,
  • right onto Arnold Way,
  • left onto Harrison Blvd,
  • right onto 36th St,
  • left onto Witham Hill Dr,
  • right onto Walnut Blvd,
  • right onto Kings Blvd,
  • left onto Monroe Ave to return to the Downtown Transit Center.

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