The following is a list of Development Services Applications, Forms and Permit Information.

Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing

Building Permit 
Electrical Permit 
Mechanical Permit 
Plumbing Permit
Demolition Permit
Commercial Reroof Permit

Deferred Submittal
Phased Development
Permit Extension Request
Special Inspection Agreement
Alternate Materials & Methods Application
Moisture Content
NFPA Underground Piping Certificate
Revision Submittal
School CET Exemption Claim
Temporary Occupancy Application
SDC Worksheet
Affordable Housing Exemption Form
Medical Caregiver Permit Application
Lighting Fixture Reimbursement Application


Guide - Commercial Project
Guide - Residential Project
Checklist - Commercial/Multifamily
Checklist - Single Family/Duplex
Commercial Plan Review Process Flowchart
Commercial Tenant Improvement Brochure
Electrical Code Information
Energy Efficiency Additional Measures
Residential-Plan-Requirements (B&W)
Special Inspection Agencies
Special Inspector Roster
Deck Guide
Do I need a Permit - Guide
School Construction Excise Tax Brochure
Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing Codes
Tiny House Guide


Fee Estimate Request Form
Permit Fees Summary
Municipal Code 8.03 - Permit Fees 
Corvallis Valuation Chart April 1, 2016
2014 Permit Fee Comparison
2014 SDC Fee Comparison


Construction Permits - Monthly & Annual Activity Summaries
Demolition Permits - Activity Summary 

Site Engineering, Grading & Erosion Control


Grading and Erosion Control Permit
Right-of-Way Permit
Floodplain Development Permit 
Sewer Discharge 
Street Cut
Water Meter


Development Agreement
EPSC - Wet Season Erosion Prevention
EPSC Commercial Permit Process
EPSC Residential Permit Process
Residential EPSC Plan Requirements
Off-Street Parking and Access Standards
Parking Stall Layout
SDC Fee Estimator
SDC Worksheet
Vision Clearance
Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control (EPSC)

Planning & Zoning


LDO - Lot Development Option - Minor Oct 2013
PCR - Planned Compatibility Review Oct 2013
MFU - Mobile Food Unit 
Sign Permit
Tree for a Fee Agreement

Accessory Structure Brochure
Bicycle Rack Specs 
Checklist - PODS Multi-Family 
Checklist - PODS Single Family
Deer Fence Brochure 
Fence Brochure 
Food Cart Brochure 
Historic - Window & Door Alteration Chart
Land Development Code
Exterior Light Fixture Brochure
Mechanical Location & Residential Zone Setbacks
Mechanical Site Plan Example
Sidewalk Café Permits
Single Family - Addition and ADU Site Plan Example
Tree Protection Fencing Guide
Street Tree Planting Detail
Street Tree Species – Approved List
Street Tree Guide
Wildland Urban Interface Mitigation Guide

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