Two bikes on a rack on the front of a CTS bus. Double your transportation options by taking your bike on the bus. Like you, your bike rides fareless on Corvallis Transit System (CTS) and the Night Owl, too! The Philomath Connection bus also has a bike rack which is free to use, as do all buses that connect to CTS.

Important notes:

  • Only two-wheeled, non-motorized bikes are permitted. Each rack holds one or two, adult-sized bikes.
  • Rack availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • There is no extra charge to use the bike rack.
  • It's your responsibility to load and unload your bike. Bus drivers may not assist you but they will lower the bus to curb height for you.
  • If after reading this page you still aren't sure if you can place your bike on a rack, contact CTS and we will arrange a practice opportunity for you at the bus garage.
  • Sorry, bikes are not allowed inside the bus.

Loading a bike ON the Bus

Have your bike ready to load by removing anything that might fall off during transit (bags, water bottles, etc.). Allow departing riders to remove their bikes from the rack.

 4 Quick Steps To Loading a Bike on the Bus Click photos to enlarge

1. Step from the curb to the front of the bus to load your bike onto the rack.
Look for the handle located in the middle-top of the bike rack
(indicated in the photo by the red arrow).

 Bus bike rack in the up, locked position.

2. Squeeze the handle located in the middle-top of the bike rack and 
pull the rack towards you to release the rack from its upright position.
Bus bike rack release lever.


Hold your bike as you release the bus bike rack lever.

3. Lift your bike onto the rack, placing the wheels into the wheel slots.
(Follow the markings on the slots for placement of the front and rear wheels.)

Place the bike on the rack.

4. The support arm is on a spring. Pull it from it's magnet and pull it out
so that you can raise it over your front tire.
Place it at the top of the tire (not on the fender). 
For BMX-style bikes, place the support arm over the bike's frame.
Pull the safety bar over the front tire.

Bike secured in rack on a CTS bus. There is room for a second bike.

The bike is now in position
& secured for the ride!

(Do not lock your bike to the rack.)



Unloading a bike OFF the Bus

  • Let the driver know you'll be unloading your bike and use the front door to exit the bus.
  • Raise the support arm up and off of your bike's tire and place it back on its magnet.
  • Lift your bike out of the rack.
  • If there are no other bikes loaded or people who need to use the rack, return the rack to its upright position by squeezing the handle (located in the middle-top of the rack) and lift the rack up towards the bus until it locks into position.
  • Step away from the bus and allow the bus to pull away before you ride away on your bike.

If you accidentally leave your bike on a bus, contact CTS Lost & Found immediately. 

If you would like more information about biking in Corvallis, see the Bike & Pedestrian pages.

Thank you for riding public transportation!


Last updated: 7/16/2014 1:35:27 PM