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Contact Information – If you have a suggestion, comment, commendation or complaint, or even a random thought that is not of an immediate nature, please email us at CTS@CorvallisOregon.gov or call us at 541-766-6916. CTS staff is made up of: Tim Bates, Transit Coordinator and Lisa Scherf, Transportation Services Supervisor.
To report a safety concern or to locate a lost item left on the bus or at a bus shelter, call 541-766-6998 during business hours. CTS is not responsible for lost items but we will do everything we can to locate the item(s).

E-Notifications Signup – E-Notifications is a great way to stay up-to-date on the goings on with CTS. It is simple and awesome. Click on this link…… http://www.corvallisoregon.gov/index.aspx?page=18 and then fill in your email address, choose the “Calendar” or “News” sections you wish to receive info about, and then hit the “Subscribe” button at the bottom of the page. The box for info on CTS is locates under the “News” section. Once you are subscribed, you will then receive an email each time a new item is posted on the “Service Alerts” page.

At Full Schedule – This week CTS returns to its full schedule. Routes C1, C1R, Supplemental Route 6, Route 5’s 8:25pm run, Route 6’s 7:55pm run, and Night Owl all return from Summer Break. Check the CTS website for schedule times.

Stay Safe and Stay Visible – When making your way to a CTS bus stop, there are a few things to keep in mind that will keep you, our bus drivers and passengers, and other vehicle drivers safe. Please use crosswalks and signal lights, when available. Never run in front of the bus in an attempt to get the driver to not depart. Getting on that bus at that time may seem like a life and death matter, but it isn’t. It is not worth taking a dangerous and unnecessary chance to catch that bus. The driver often has to check side mirrors for oncoming traffic while pulling away from the stop and may not see you in front of the bus. We want everybody to be safe.

While at a bus stop, please present yourself very clearly and make it obvious to the driver that you want to catch the bus. There are instances in which folks are hanging around near the stop and are not catching the bus. This causes the driver to access the stop for no good reason, and it slows down on-time performance. Conversely, passengers who do want to catch the bus will sometimes be far enough away from the bus that the driver determines they are just passing by or hanging out. Also, now that fall is approaching, there is more darkness during our service hours. So, it’s a really good idea to have bright clothing and a blinking light (or something of the sort) when at a bus stop. Contact CTS at 541-766-6998 if you would like a free blinking light.

Ridership – Below are July and August ridership statistics. Keep in mind that the figures provided are rides, not riders. So if a person rides Route 2 and then transfers to Route 6 to complete the same trip, that would be counted as two rides. Each ride aboard a bus is counted separately.

July, 2017 – CTS provided 73,317 rides. This is an average of 35.1 rides per service hour.
August, 2017 – CTS provided 77,591 rides. This is an average of 33.3 rides per service hour. 

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