The City provides facilities for the safe and efficient movement of vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists around the community. To do this, Public Works fabricates and maintains the proper street name, speed limit, traffic control and directional signs and pavement markings to insure community safety. Standards and guidelines are set and regulated by the Oregon Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, and local municipal codes.

Pavement Marking. There are a variety of pavement markings: street center lines, cross walks, bike lane striping, bike lane stencils, bike detection, parking stalls, and turn arrows, and legends. These markings are renewed annually either through water based painting or applying new pavement tape. Buttons are another form of pavement marking that insures driver visibility night or day. Yellow curbs are repainted every two to three years. This activity is weather-dependent and is typically done from May through October.

Sign Maintenance and Replacement. All street name, direction, traffic control and speed limit signs within the city limits are maintained by Public Works. All signs have been field inventoried to better track maintenance history, location and replacement dates. Annual reflectivity testing is completed on about 15% of the sign inventory. Signs that don't pass the test are scheduled for repair or replacement. Every year, about one-third of all signs in the city are cleaned, realigned, and have their poles improved

Sign Fabrication. All signs are fabricated by Public Works Staff as the need arises. The metal form is purchased in standard sizes and shapes, and the words or symbols are applied in a high-pressure process. Old sign blanks are resurfaced and reused.

New Sign Installation. The majority of new signs are installed in new developments. The developer makes a request for street name, traffic control and speed limit signs, all of which are provided by the City with the costs reimbursed by the developer. New signs can also be put up as a result of a change from an approved traffic service order.
Last updated: 9/7/2012 1:50:09 PM