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The famous Otter Beach or leisure pool has a beach entry which extend around the quarter-circle of the pool. The deepest part of the pool is made up of the "splash down" catch pool for the water slide and a free-form "lazy rive" style water channel. The pool's temperature is around 86 degree F. Some of the features that you get when you rent Otter Beach is the long water channel, a 158 foot long water slide, water cannons, spray toys, geysers water jets, tumble-buckets and two kiddie slides and much more!

Otter Beach Rental Rates:

Number of Participants 

1 - 50 

 51 - 150

 151 - 300


 Hourly Rate





When is Otter Beach available to rent?

Need more information, want a tour, or ready to make your reservation? Call Osborn Aquatic Center at (541) 766 - SWIM (7946).


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