The Charter Amendment passed.  The official results as certified by Benton County Elections are provided below:













Over votes = 1
Under votes = 263

The City's Charter has been updated accordingly.

History of the measure is provided below:

Notice is hereby given that on February 29, 2016, a Prospective Initiative Petition was filed with the City Recorder of the City of Corvallis, Oregon to amend the Corvallis City Charter as follows:

1. Sale or transfer of city-owned parks or natural areas, or any change of use of city-owned parks or natural areas to
a use not associated with parks or natural areas, shall only be approved by a prior vote among the electorate.

2. Land that has been acquired for park or natural area purposes shall not be used for any other purposes unless
the use is strictly temporary in nature and is compatible with park or natural area use. Such temporary use shall
not be subject to vote of the electorate if the temporary use does not exceed 2 years.

On March 3, the City Recorder determined the Prospective Initiative Petition complied with Oregon Constitutional requirements.  A copy of SEL 370 and the proposed text is available here.

On March 10, 2016, the City Attorney filed the following ballot title:

CAPTION: Charter Amendment Restricting Sale of Parks and Natural Areas

QUESTION: Shall the City Charter require a vote to approve any sale, transfer or use change of parks and natural areas?

SUMMARY: Adds new provisions to the Corvallis City Charter requiring approval by a vote of the electorate prior to any sale, transfer or change of use of City-owned parks or natural areas. Adds new provision prohibiting the use of lands acquired for park or natural area purposes for any other purposes unless that use is both temporary in nature and compatible with park or natural area uses. These compatible temporary uses that do not exceed two years would not require prior approval by a vote of the electorate.

No petition to review the ballot title was received by the March 21, 2016 deadline. 

On March 29, 2016 the Chief Petitioners requested, and subsequently received, the City Recorder's authorization to circulate signature sheets. A total of 2,430 valid signatures are required.

On December 12, 2016, the petitioners submitted 2,546 signatures for verification by Benton County Elections. The Elections Division completed its review on December 21, 2016 and determined that 2,546 valid signatures were submitted

On February 22, 2017, the City Council approved an Explanatory Statement.  A copy of the completed and County-approved SEL 802, which includes the Explanatory Statement, is available here.

As such, the initiative qualified for the May 16, 2017, Election as Measure 2-108. 


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