Heritage Trees

heritage tree


Benton County is fortunate to contain many incredible trees. For millennia humans have been shaping the forest here in the Willamette Valley. As a result we have many ancient Oregon white oak, Madrone and Big leaf maple. In addition many trees were planted by early settlers near their home sites, and the University has developed an impressive collection of trees.

The Corvallis Benton County Heritage Tree Program was developed in order to honor these exceptional trees.

A nine member panel meets annually to select trees chosen by the community to honor with Heritage Tree status.

If you are interested in nominating a tree please download the application and submit it to the Urban Forester.

Heritage Trees must meet one or more of the following criteria

  • specimen
    • exceptional size, form, beauty or rarity
    • horticultural value
  • historic
    • recognized by virtue of age
    • associated with or contributes to structures or districts
    • associated with a noted person or historical event
  • landmark
    • recognizable landmark in the community
  • collection
    • notable grove, avenue or other planting

This program is voluntary and carries no regulatory component. If the nominated tree is on private property, the nomination form shall be signed by the property owner or accompanied by the property owners written consent.


Check out our heritage tree story map here!







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