Whiteside Drive.jpgThe City Council has initiated a discussion of streets not improved to the City standard and the City’s approach to managing them. Significant differences can exist between the construction standards established by cities and counties for public roadways. These construction standards reflect differences in traffic levels and patterns, as well as expectations of residents. The responsibility for maintaining roadways can also differ with the City accepting responsibility for the maintenance of streets constructed to City standards, while many County roadways are maintained by the abutting property owners.

City standard streets, as established by the Transportation System Plan and the Land Development Code, consist of a paved surface over a structural base with curb and gutter and a piped drainage system to keep water from saturating the street structure. In addition, the City standard includes a sidewalk separated from the roadway by a landscaped strip and street lights. The advantages of a City standard street over its rural counterpart include improved drainage through the piped system, multi-modal connectivity provided by a sidewalk system, and increased safety through the separation of pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles.

Information will be updated on this page as this topic moves through the City Council process.

Urban Services Committee meeting on September 22, 2015

Urban Services Committee meeting on November 17, 2015

Neighborhood Meetings
Six neighborhood meetings were held during April and May 2016 to solicit resident feedback on the topic of street maintenance and street standards. Information shared with the residents are linked below:

City Council Work Session on June 7, 2016

City Council Work Session on August 2, 2016

Council meeting on November 7 2016

Council Work Session on April 6, 2017

Council Meeting on May 1, 2017

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