Searching Tools

The City of Corvallis stores public information on various specialized systems. Some of these systems have their own built-in search tool that is optimized to retrieve information that is stored in a proprietary manner.  The site uses the Google Custom Search tool to consolidate searching of many of these system. Google uses a bot to crawl the sites by following the hyperlinks that it finds. Some information cannot be found by this method and you will want to use the system’s built-in search tool. Here is a quick guide to some of the tools available.

Systems with specialized search

  • Archives - The City's official records from the 1850s to the present and a wide variety of departmental records are available through the Archives.
    • You can navigate the directories using the Browse feature or search using the Customize Search feature. Add the search parameters using the drop down (Note: Some of the parameters require understating of the structure of the data and may unnecessarily limit your results). This system has a Help document to further explain the search feature.
  • City Council Archives – The council meeting materials from the archives organized by meeting date.
    • Use the filter to view material for the year, regular meeting can be filtered.
  • Library
    • The Library has a search for the content on the site (upper left) and a search for the Catalog (right side).
  • Maps
    • Buildingeye: This map-based service provides a way to receive notifications for development-related activities occurring in your neighborhood, by selecting a geographic area of interest.
      • Search with an address or explore the map. You can use the filters panel to refine the search results. For example, you can use the keyword search to find projects with particular features or with a specific reference number.
    • CrimeReports: Map based incident data is available for the past six months.
      • Defaults to 2 weeks, use the Filter button in the search box to get more options.
    • Lookup Property Information: This interactive mapping application allows you to search by address, Benton County tax lot or Historic District. Use this map to view zoning, historic resource, floodplain, and other natural features information.
    • Bus Routes
      • Panning:
        1. Drag the map with your mouse.
      • Zooming:
        1. Double click your mouse.
        2. Rotate the mouse wheel button.
        3. Use the zoom control on the map.
        4. Click on a route name link.
      • To display arrival times:
        1. Hover over a dot (bus stop) & then click the dot with your mouse.
        2. Click on the Find Stop button & then enter a stop #.

                                          Note: Subsequently clicking on the Bus Stop title link will show the stop's Bus Location Map.

      • To display a timetable:
        1. Click on a route number link.
  • Municipal Codes: Municode, more formally known as Municipal Code Corporation, is the largest private sector publisher of municipal ordinances, responsible for the codification and publication of municipal codes for more than 2,700 cities and counties in all 50 states.
    • When you click in the Search box you can select advance options. You can view their tutorial video
  • Permits
    • Use the top search button or use the search on the lower section per category.
    • Maps - lookup zoning and other property information by address or parcel
    • Development Services - building permit and code compliance records
    • Planning - land use case records
    • Housing - Rental Housing Program case records
    • Public Works - PIPC (Public Improvement by Private Contract) case records
Last updated: 7/12/2017 10:59:00 AM