Traffic control in construction zones within rights-of-way in the state of Oregon shall conform to the requirements of the Oregon Department of Transportation's Short Term Traffic Control Handbook (latest edition). In addition, all construction zone traffic control within the City of Corvallis shall conform to the following requirements:

City Of Corvallis Engineering Policy on Traffic Control for Construction Zones




Contractors must have a City approved traffic control plan before beginning work.


The traffic control plan shall be consistent with the Short Term Traffic Control Handbook (latest edition) by the Oregon Department of Transportation, the Manual Of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the Corvallis Traffic Control Standards for Construction Zones.


Bicycles And Pedestrians

Provisions shall be made for bicycles and pedestrians through or around construction zones.
Construction speed signing shall be used as needed to slow traffic in recognition of interactions with pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
In difficult situations, the use of flaggers should be considered to allow for safe pedestrian and bicycle movement.
Traffic control signs shall not be placed where they are an obstruction to bicycles or pedestrians. They may be placed half on the bike lane and half on the sidewalk, where there is a curb sidewalk and no other place for the signs. Consideration should be given to signs mounted on posts when a post will keep the sign from being an obstruction.
Where an existing bike lane can not be maintained and bikes must merge with and share a lane with automobiles, an advance warning sign, "Bikes On Roadway", shall be used.
For long sections of construction, a bike lane or wide outside lane should be provided or consideration given to detour routing for bikes with appropriate signs.
When sidewalks will be disrupted, pedestrian detour routing and signing shall be considered. In some cases, temporary removal of on street parking, properly coned-off and using temporary ramps, will provide for a more direct detour around the sidewalk construction.
For short areas of disruption on a bike facility, it may be appropriate for bicyclists to walk their bike. Appropriate warnings shall be used.
Traffic control permits issued by the City shall contain a statement that bicycle and pedestrian facilities or routes through construction zones shall be kept free of debris and clean.
Traffic control for bicycle and pedestrian facilities or routes through work zones shall be maintained until the bicycle and pedestrian facilities or routes are ready for safe operation. Traffic control will not be removed to allow auto travel at the expense of bicycles and pedestrians.


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