The Community Policing Department Advisory Committee provides an opportunity for community members and Corvallis Police personnel to meet together in a collaborative process toward implementation of Community Policing. The Committee includes members who represent and interact with a cross-section of the community, acting as a joint problem solving group of citizens and police personnel. It provides opportunities to exchange ideas and information to build and maintain a communication link between users and providers of police services. The Committee generally meets once per month, either at the Police Department or out in the Corvallis community. For more information about the Community Policing Advisory Committee and upcoming meeting times and locations, please e-mail Kris Steeves or call 541-766-6925.

The Committee seeks input and feedback from the Corvallis community in order to advise the Corvallis Police Department and for FY 15/16 the advisory committee will be out in the community holding meetings in order to connect and communicate with community members.  Aside from business meetings to set the years calendar and to provide input and feedback on the Police Departments budget development, the committee met with students at the College Hill High School, and will be additionally meeting with the employees and clients of Community Outreach Incorporated in January 2016.  The committee additionally plans to schedule and meet with members of the OSU Native American Longhouse Cultural Center, the Corvallis Chamber of Commerce, the Corvallis Independent Business Association, and members of the OSU Asian and Pacific Cultural Center.  Discussion will focus on how the Corvallis Police Department can better the community.

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