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What is the Auxiliary?Auxiliary and Cadets

The Corvallis Police Volunteer Auxiliary is dedicated to assisting the Corvallis Police Department in the Department's delivery of non-enforcement services. The Auxiliary's primary function is to coordinate crime prevention programs such as Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch, National Night Out, and Cops & Robbers 101.  Volunteers also represent the Department at civic functions, staff a Speakers Bureau, recover abandoned bicycles, monitor the Crime Prevention phone line, help with data entry, and assist in the enforcement of enforce disabled parking ordinances.

Auxiliary members do not take part in law enforcement activities (other than disabled parking), are never armed on duty, wear a uniform distinct from that worn by sworn officers, and do not interact in any way with witnesses, victims, suspects, prisoners, or parolees.

Auxiliary Organization

The Auxiliary enjoys strong support and a good working relationship with the Department. It is under the auspices of Professional Standards & Support Division Captain Nick Hurley. There is one lead volunteer who coordinates management of the crime prevention programs and other Auxiliary activities at the direction of Captain Hurley.

Volunteers choose what program(s) they want to work with and they decide when, and how much, time they want to contribute. With the noted exception that they may be on standby status in emergencies, volunteers have no obligations beyond doing what they commit to. 

Crime Prevention Programs

The Auxiliary coordinates three major crime prevention programs along with a number of lesser programs and other activities. Although some volunteer opportunities exist in each program, our greatest need at present is with Neighborhood Watch.

Neighborhood Watch is a program aimed at reducing residential crime and making neighborhoods safe. It operates by neighbors forming a partnership among themselves and with the Corvallis Police Department. Neighbors commit to practicing good home security measures, to looking out for each other, and to reporting suspicious activity to the police. In turn, the Corvallis Police, through the Auxiliary, provide watch groups with home security training, a quarterly crime prevention newsletter, reports on burglaries and crime in Corvallis, and information that helps keep people from becoming crime victims.

Business Watch is directed toward businesses that engage in cash, check, or credit card transactions. However, any business may enroll. Its purpose is to reduce financial loss due to criminal activity, especially paper crimes such as the various forms of fraud -- counterfeiting, forgery, negotiating bad checks, and identity theft. The Corvallis Police Department, through the Auxiliary, issues alerts that warn businesses about criminal activity and the potential for crimes related to stolen or lost credit cards, checks, and identities.

Cops and Robbers 101 (Citizen Police Academy) is much like a ten-week open house.  The course offers participants an opportunity to meet staff, learn all about the Corvallis Police Department, the services it offers, and how it delivers those services. Its purposes are to build strong community-police partnerships and to enhance crime prevention awareness in Corvallis. The Auxiliary does all of the publicity and recruiting, and assists with application processing, and class and instructor scheduling. Members also facilitate the classes and see to the graduation ceremony and to refreshments. All Auxiliary members have completed the Academy.

Volunteer Qualifications

Our qualification requirements are a sincere desire to work with Corvallis Police in crime prevention and:

  1. be a US Citizen
  2. be at least 18 years of age
  3. be a high school graduate or hold a GED
  4. pass a criminal history background check Auxiliary with Patrol Vehicle
  5. possess a current, valid Oregon driver's license
  6. interact in a positive way with the general public  
  7. graduate the Cops & Robbers program

We are always looking for new members who can bring fresh thoughts and new talents to help us better serve the Department. We are open to new ideas that will improve how our programs operate and encourage greater accomplishments. Within our charter, our opportunities are limited only by our imagination, initiative, and commitment to doing what we say we will do.

Volunteer Snapshots

We are of Auxiliary with CPD Displaymany backgrounds, ages, and interests. What we have in common is that all of us want to live in a community where streets are safe and we feel secure in our homes and neighborhoods. In looking for volunteer opportunities we decided that we want to contribute our time and abilities to making this happen.

A bunch of us are retired, most of us work full time, and some of us are students.  We come from a variety of backgrounds and occupations - some of us are life-long area residents and others are relative newcomers. Among other pursuits, we enjoy music, gardening, photography, riding motorcycles, ham radio, boating, flying, writing, playing sports and attending sporting events, and traveling.

How to Apply

We invite your application upon your graduation from Cops & Robbers 101. If you would like to talk first with a volunteer about the Auxiliary you can call 541-766-6863.

Volunteer/Internship/Cadet Application

Auxiliary Manual

Completing Cops & Robbers is the first step in becoming a volunteer. Cops & robbers is offered once a year; the session begins in early April.  It runs for ten weeks, ending in early June. Application information for Cops & Robbers and session dates can be found by going to the program web page at the link highlighted above.Auxiliary member with children

Contact Us:

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