Summer Softball League Playoffs Begin August 1; Registration Open for Fall Softball League!

Registration is now open for the Fall Softball League, and it's easier than ever to register a team.  You can call the Parks and Recreation office at 541-766-6918 to register and pay for a team over the phone. 

The Summer Softball League standings are updated on a regular basis.

There have been several requests to have the rules available online.  Your wish is granted.

Here are the scheduled for the playoffs:

Men's A-B

Men's C1-C2

Men's CD-D

Women's B

Women's D

Coed B-C

Coed C-D

Coed D-1

Coed D-2

Regular season schedules are:

Men's C-D League Game Schedule

Men's D League Game Schedule

Women's B League Game Schedule

Women's D League Game Schedule

Coed B-C League Game Schedule

Coed C-D League Game Schedule

Coed D-1 League Game Schedule

Coed D-2 League Game Schedule

Here is all of the key information.

Summer Sand Volleyball Schedules Available

Coed Volleyball B League Schedule

Coed Volleyball C League Schedule

Click here for all league information and key dates

7 v 7 Soccer Schedules Available

The standings for 7 v 7 Soccer will be updated each week.

Men's League

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