Youth Basketball Schedule and Information

Please click on this link to view an important document that covers how to pick up students participating in Youth Basketball, proper conduct for students and parents/guardians, when to arrive on game days, and other key information.

Boys Grades 2/3 Schedule

Girls Grades 2/3 Schedule

Girls Grades 4/5 Schedule

Boys Grade 4 Schedule

Boys Grade 5 Schedule

2017 Schedules for High School Basketball League

High School Orange Team Schedule

High School Black Team Schedule

2017 Coed Volleyball and Basketball League Schedules

The schedules for the 2nd half of the winter leagues are now available.  Games begin the week of January 9.

Adult Basketball League

Adult Volleyball League A

Adult Volleyball League B

Adult Volleyball League B-C

Adult Volleyball League C-D

Basketball Coach Information

Interested in coaching for the youth basketball program?  This document has the essential information you need!












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