Elementary and Middle School Basketball Games start January 31

Schedules for all of the leagues are:

2nd - 3rd Grade Girls

2nd - 3rd Grade Boys

4th - 5th Grade Girls

4th Grade boys

5th Grade Boys

Middle School Boys

Schedules Announced for High School Recreational Basketball

The schedules for High School Basketball are:

North League

South League

Standings and Weekly Results for Winter Adult Basketball and Volleyball Leagues

The second half of the Basketball and Volleyball leagues is now underway, and standings and weekly game results are updated weekly.

The Winter Basketball League schedules:

League A-B

League C-D   

For more information call 541-766-6918.

The Winter Volleyball League schedules:

League A

League B

League B-C

League C

League C-D

For more information call 541-766-6918.




















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