7 vs 7 Summer Soccer Standings Announced

The standings for the summer 7 vs 7 soccer league are now available, and will be updated frequently. 

7v7 Men's Schedules

7v7 Coed Schedules

All of the league details are available here.

Summer Sand Volleyball Schedules Announced

The scheduled for summer sand volleyball have been developed, and there will be two leagues:

Coed A-B League

Coed C League

All details about the league, including rules and deadlines, are available here. 

Softball League Standings and Official Rules

FINALLY!  We've had games, so now we have standings, which will be frequently updated.

The official rules for softball are now available online for your reading pleasure.  Impress your friends with your new-found knowledge, settle bar fights, clear the field.

Lots of Softball Games Rescheduled

Here are the revised schedules for the league games that have been rained out:

Wednesday, July 23 Rescheduled Games

Final team rosters are due by 5 pm on Monday, July 14, and all non-resident player fees must be paid at that time.  Players must be at least 18 years of age, or have graduated from high school in June.   The detailed information sheet is available right here, right now.  There are several bats that are illegal to use in this league.

Schedules for all leagues are now available:

Mens A-B 

Mens C-1

Mens C-2

Mens C-D

Mens D

Mens Wooden Bat

Womens B-C

Womens C-D

Coed B-C

Coed C-D

Coed D-1

Coed D-2
















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