Fall Adult Softball League Registration Open Now!

Hard to believe, but it's time to register your team for the Fall Adult Softball League.  All of the information and key dates are on this handy document, and you can complete the registration form before you come to our office.

Summer Adult Softball League Enters Final Stretch, Playoffs Loom!

Standings are updated weekly for the summer softball league.

Playoff schedules for the two women's leagues have been finalized and are available below.  As more leagues are finalized, their schedules will be posted below:

Coed B-C Playoffs

Coed C-D Playoffs

Coed D1-D2 Playoffs

Men's A-B Playoffs

Men's C1-C2 Playoffs

Men's CD-D Playoffs

Women's B-C Playoffs

Women's C-D Playoffs

Schedules for the Summer Adult Softball League are now available.  Teams MUST have their rosters in before they can play in their league.  All of the deadlines information and key information  located here. And for those who need to know, the list of ASA Non-Approved Bats.

Coed B-C

Coed C-D

Coed D-1

Coed D-2

Soccer and Volleyball Leagues

Standings are updated weekly for the 7 v 7 soccer league.

For those who need them, here are the rules for 7v7 soccer.

7v7 Soccer Coed A-B League

7v7 Soccer Coed C-D League

7v7 Soccer Men's League

Summer Volleyball B League

Summer Volleyball C-D League






















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