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Urban Forestry is the planting, care and management of all trees and associated vegetation that make up the "forest" within a city.   These activities are all part of the Urban Forestry Management Plan, which is overseen by the City's Urban Forester, the Parks Supervisor, and the Department Director.

The urban environment is a challenging place for trees to thrive. Construction activity, pollution, poor soils, restricted root space, vandalism, insects and disease are conditions that trees and their managers must overcome.  The Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry Program works to extend the life of trees by planning and implementing programs that provide the special care needed to grow trees under these conditions. When a tree reaches the end of its natural life or must be removed for other reasons, we work to find creative and beneficial ways to reuse or recycle the wood, whether chipping to create mulch or by providing the wood to the public as firewood or wood for local artisans and craftspeople.


Awards and Recognition 

The Parks and Recreation Urban Forestry program has been consistently recognized for its efforts at improving ecosystem values provided by our Urban Forest. To date, Urban Forestry efforts have resulted in:

Tree City USA designation awards each year since 2000
Tree City USA growth awards from 2004 to 2015

The Urban Forestry program is very closely associated with the Civic Beautification and Urban Forestry Staff Advisory Committee (CBUF). On June 5, 2008, members of CBUF were recognized at the State Urban Forestry Conference in Portland with the "Tree Board of the Year" award for their efforts to enhance and maintain Oregon’s community forests (trees and related vegetation growing within a city’s urban growth boundary). The award was presented by Oregon Community Trees, the Oregon Department of Forestry and the USDA Forest Service.

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