Nancy Brewer, Finance Director
Nancy Brewer, Finance Director

The Finance Department for the City of Corvallis includes administrative operations for Municipal Court, Utility and Ambulance billing, property risk management and responsibility for the financial resources of the City. These services are provided by 20 staff members, with a 2016-2017 budget of $4.5 million.  

While this web site includes information about the functions of the Finance Department, it also includes current financial documents, Budget Commission meeting dates, information about the City's current financial condition, and the strategy the City Council and Budget Commission is following to ensure that the City's long-term financial outlook is stable.

The Finance Department provides services from four divisions.

Customer Services & Risk Management

The Customer Services Division of the Finance Department provides information to the City Council, Budget Commission, staff and citizens on the financial aspects of issues under consideration by the City. The division provides policies and procedures for the organization on all financial matters, evaluates the fiscal impact of ballot initiatives and proposed legislation which may impact City operations, maintains Budget Commission records, including agendas and minutes, updates the City Council’s Financial Policies annually and provides public information on issues related to City finances.   The division is also responsible for monthly meter reading and utility billing services to over 15,000 utility services accounts, ambulance billing, ensuring monthly City Services statements are accurate and delivered on time, and providing oversight.
The City's purchasing policy and procurement manual are managed by division staff. In addition, property risk management, (including liability claims against the City, facilities, vehicles and property) are managed by the Customer Services/Risk Manager.

Budget & Financial Planning

Budget and Financial Planning in the Finance Department ensures fiscal stability through sound long-term financial planning, provides support to departments to develop and monitor annual budgets and prepare the annual budget document, provides Quarterly Operating Reports on the financial status of the City to the City Council and Budget Commission, processes payroll and benefit payments to ensure employees are compensated accurately, provides performance management support to the organization through trending of actual results and comparison with like entities and manages debt issuance/capacity and investment of City's monetary assets within the guidelines of the City's investment policy and Oregon Revised Statute.

Municipal Court

Municipal Court services allow citizens who have been cited into Municipal Court for violations of the City’s traffic, criminal or parking laws to have an opportunity to be heard by an impartial Judge. Municipal Court staff provide customer service, schedule citizens for court arraignments and trials, and track the bail and fine payments. Municipal Court operates in the General and Parking Funds.

The Corvallis Municipal Court offers timely and accurate judicial services for citizens who have been cited into Municipal Court for minor traffic and criminal citations or for parking citations in the City of Corvallis. Municipal Court staff provide information to customers regarding court processes and procedures by telephone and on a walk-in basis.

Financial Services

The Financial Services Division of the Finance Department prepares for the annual audit and issues the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, invests cash within the guidelines of the City's investment policy and Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS), provides for safe and efficient cash management of City funds, processes timely payments to vendors for providing goods and services to the City, processes bills for services provided by the City, including ambulance services and special assessments. The division also assists and guides departments in grant management compliance and accounting, ensures fiscal integrity in debt management and manages and pursues collection of delinquent accounts.

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