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Draft Strategic Plan available for public review
Posted Date: 3/7/2017

A draft of the first-ever City of Corvallis Strategic Plan has been released for public review, ahead of an anticipated discussion at the March 23 City Council meeting.

The plan will be an important tool to help elected officials in Corvallis prioritize work and make informed long-range decisions. The plan is designed to serve as companion to the newly adopted community vision, Imagine Corvallis 2040. While the vision document laid out the community’s goals and aspirations, the Strategic Plan will focus on the concrete steps that the City is taking to support this vision.

Each section of the plan is built around a particular focus area from the community vision document. Various projects, initiatives, programs and benchmarks are presented, along with an estimated timeline for completion. The plan reflects high-profile community priorities, such as housing affordability and management of natural areas, as well as less glamorous (but no less important) tasks such as storm water management, code compliance and fire prevention.

"The Strategic Plan is intended to give everyone – from City Councilors to the general public – a well-rounded look at the City's scope of work, both now and into the future," said City Manager Mark Shepard. "Our hope is that it will be a tool that helps tell the City’s story in the months and years to come."

The plan is not intended as an exhaustive document that attempts to list everything on the City’s plate; instead, it focuses on key projects and priorities. Some of the goals listed on the Strategic Plan may prove difficult or impossible to achieve. Others may be delivered ahead of schedule. The plan will be a living document, updated annually to show key benchmarks and completions. Initiatives and focus areas may be added or removed based on available resources or direction from the City Council.

Members of the community are invited to review the Strategic Plan and offer feedback on this draft. The Strategic Plan is expected to be a topic of discussion at the March 23 City Council meeting. Feedback can be submitted via email to the City Manager's Office at