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Corvallis earns highest certification for sustainable technology efforts
Posted Date: 3/10/2017
For the fifth year in a row, the City of Corvallis has received the highest level of certification for its accomplishments in the State Electronics Challenge (SEC), a national program that encourages public entities such as local governments to reduce the environmental footprint of their technology purchasing, use and disposal.

Corvallis was one of 17 organizations nationwide honored by the SEC for their work in 2016, and the only one from the state of Oregon to take part in the program. The SEC issued a Sustainability Report outlining the environmental benefits resulting from the City’s life cycle management of its computer products last year. Careful management of purchasing, use and disposal produced some impressive results:
  • Corvallis saved enough energy to power 101 households per year
  • Corvallis reduced municipal solid waste by about 16,799 pounds per year, equivalent to the annual waste generated by four households
  • Corvallis reduced hazardous waste by 1,636 pounds last year, about the weight of six refrigerators
"The environmental impact of our municipal operations can be far-reaching," said Scott Dybvad, the City's sustainability program specialist. "This award recognizes some of our efforts to minimize those impacts, and provides us an opportunity to share what we’ve learned with our community and with other municipalities."

The SEC also recognized the City’s efforts to prioritize environmentally friendly technology products for equipment contracts and purchases.

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