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Heavy Rains Expected in Corvallis
Posted Date: 10/20/2017
The National Weather Service reports that a weather system is moving through the region this weekend bringing heavy rainfall and high winds. These rains may result in localized street flooding, most likely caused by storm drains plugged by leaves. High winds could potentially cause issues with fallen tree limbs and downed trees.

If local flooding does occur, you are encouraged to assist by clearing blocked storm drains of leaves and debris, when possible. However, you should NOT remove any storm drain covers or grates. If a storm drain on the street within the Corvallis city limits is completely plugged, please contact Public Works at 541-766-6916. City staff request that you do not to put leaves in the streets while the rain persists.

Heavy winds can lead to tree damage that may affect transportation routes and safe traffic operation. If you observe a tree issue that is affecting normal traffic conveyance, please contact Public Works at 541-766-6916. City staff request that you do not try and remove downed limbs or trees during this storm event.

Sandbags Available
If your property is in danger of flooding, you can obtain sand and bags at the following locations. Please remember to bring your own shovel to fill the bags:

• Wilson Elementary 2701 NW Satinwood St., south parking lot.
• Cheldelin Middle School 987 NE Conifer Blvd., west parking lot.
• Lincoln Elementary 110 SE Alexander Ave., parking lot off SE 3rd St.
• Corvallis High School 1400 NW Buchanan Ave., in east parking lot located off of 11th St.
• Grant Avenue Baptist Church 1625 NW Grant Ave., in back parking lot off of 17th St.
• Circle Boulevard, 500 feet east of Walnut Blvd., on the north side of the street, across from HP.
• Corvallis 509J School District Office 1555 SW 35th St., west parking lot located behind bus shelter on 35th St.