A portion of the Planning Division mission is to respond to community development goals that are established by the City Council. The City Council goals often have their genesis in discussions with citizens and other interested parties, who are actively engaged in promoting, improving, and enhancing this community's livability. Each year staff forwards a list of potential work items to the Planning Commission for their review. The Planning Commission then forwards a recommendation of priorities to the City Council. In 2017, City staff and City Council are actively engaged in development of a 5-year strategic operating plan, that includes work items to be managed by Planning Division staff. Once the strategic plan is adopted, Planning Division staff will be collaborating closely with City Council, the Planning Commission and other community organizations to accomplish goals set in the strategic plan.


Planning Division staff have provided support and completed the first group of several LDC text amendments associated with improving citizen engagement and development review processes. The text amendments have been incorporated into the current Land Development Code.


On March 2, 2015, the City Council received an update on the Planning Work Program. In 2016, Planning Division staff have:

If you have questions about the Planning Division Work Program and/or other work that the Planning Division staff perform, please contact the Planning Division.

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