The Rental Housing Program is a unique program initiated by the City Council in 1999 to address rental housing in our growing and diverse community. The program is designed to help property owners, property managers, tenants, neighbors and other interested parties navigate rental housing in Corvallis.

Purpose and Benefits

The Rental Housing Program aims to:

  • Assist by helping community members navigate quickly through the maze of available rental information to find the help they need
  • Educate, through partnerships and outreach, to increase knowledge about fair housing regulations, Landlord/Tenant law, and the Corvallis Livability Code
  • Inform by collecting data to help improve our understanding of the local rental housing market

The program is funded by an annual fee that increases by $1 every odd year. In 2017-18, the annual fee is $14 per rental unit.


RHP Quarterly Newsletter & Announcements

Update Contact Information for a Rental Unit

Resources for Landlords

Landlord Tenant Law - Quick Links

What to Expect When You Contact Us:

When you call to report a concern, a staff member will listen carefully, asking questions to ensure an understanding of the issue(s).

The staff member will then address your situation in one of several ways. If your issue does not relate to habitability, you will be referred to the agency or entity that can provide assistance (this may be the City’s Development Services Division or the Fire Department, the State’s Manufactured Dwelling Park Ombudsperson, Legal Aid, or other pertinent agencies.) You may also be referred to printed or electronic materials available in the public library or on the Internet.

If you are an OSU student, you will likely be referred to the office of an attorney who is available to you on campus at no cost.

If you are a tenant calling about a habitability issue that may be covered by the Corvallis Livability Code, contact the Code Compliance Supervisor at (541) 766-6545, or click here to file a complaint.

Referral Resources:

City of Corvallis
Landlord/Tenant Issues 541-766-6552 e-mail
Livability Code (rental housing habitability issues)                             541-766-6545 e-mail
Development Services (electrical & structural hazards) 541-766-6929 e-mail
Fire Department (weed abatement) 541-766-6973 e-mail
Outside Resources
Legal Aid Services of Oregon (people with lower incomes) 541-926-8678 web
ASOSU Attorney (OSU students only) 541-737-4165 e-mail
Fair Housing Council of Oregon (fair housing and discrimination issues) 1-800-424-3247 ext 2 web
BOLI - Civil Rights Division (housing and discrimination issues) 971-673-0764 web 
Neighbor to Neighbor Mediation (conflict and dispute resolution) 541-223-4189 web
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