The City periodically surveys randomly selected Corvallis citizens to learn resident opinions about the community and services provided by local government. The objective is to identify community and service strengths and weaknesses. Goals include providing useful information for planning, resource allocation, performance measurement, and program and policy evaluation. The results are used to help the City improve services, increase civic involvement, strengthen public trust, and improve the quality of life in Corvallis.

Surveys are conducted on a periodic basis. The next survey is under consideration for calendar year 2017.

The 2015 survey results are available here.


City Budget Priorities Poll - 2010

In 2010, the City of Corvallis worked with DHM Research to conduct a poll of community members' preferences for program funding and city priorities.  Approximately 400 Corvallis registered voters were interviewed via telephone.

The survey was commissioned by the City Council following discussions of the serious budget challenges facing city government over the following two years. The Council felt it was important to hear from citizens before making decisions that were necessary to balance city budgets. 

The report made no recommendations for or against specific budget cuts, tax measures, or other such items. Rather, it provided reliable, representative, and specific information about community preferences for programs and levels of funding. That information, along with other considerations, is intended to guide current and future City Councils as they make difficult budget choices. 

The survey reports are available through the links below: 

For more information, call the City Manager's Office at 541-766-6901.  


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