The City Recorder serves as the City's elections officer, records manager, and legislative administrator.

Elections Officer:
• Leads, plans, coordinates, and directs municipal election activities and meets legal deadlines;
• Provides technical advice to Political Action Committees, City candidates, and other interested citizens for compliance with City, County and State requirements;
• Responds to public inquiries regarding initiative and referendum process and elections policies and procedures;
• Certifies Mayoral and Council candidates, City measures and initiatives, and publish required official and legal notifications;
• Communicates with county and state officials to assure compliance with all applicable governmental reporting requirements;
• Responds to media inquiries related to City elections;
• Monitors pending legislation related to areas of elections, and public records and meetings; and
• Accepts legal claims and papers served on the City.


Records Manager:
• Serves as custodian of official City records (Charter, minutes, ordinances, resolutions, Council policies);
• Establishes and implements the citywide records management and retention program;
• Develops and maintains policies and procedures related to the City's records and retention schedule;
• Plans and directs the maintenance and safekeeping of all official records electronically;
• Advises and educates departments for compliance with City policy and State law requirements;
• Provides public information and public records to citizens, organizations, news media, and other public agencies in compliance with the Oregon Public Records law; and
• Oversees records retention and disposition schedules from all departments


City's Legislative Administrator:
• Monitors Council agenda issues and prepares Council agenda and standing committees' information;
• Maintains the Corvallis Municipal Code and codifies legislation passed by the City Council, provide updated Code provisions to departments and other agencies;
• Processes Council actions and distribute official minutes, ordinances and resolutions;
• Manages the Council and administrative policies review processes, review and recommend revisions;
• Assists the public and departments in interpreting and applying City legislation; and
• Signs official City documents and prepare certified legal copies.

Information about City elections and records is available below:

1. What is the City's Election Process?
Mayor and City Council Structure explains the terms of office and City election filing dates. If you have specific questions or just want more information, you can call the City Recorder at 541-766-6901 or check the Charter or the Municipal Code Hard copies are also available at the Public Library, 645 NW Monroe.
2. How can copies of City records be obtained?
City records are not currently centralized. The City Recorder has City election and annexation files, ordinances and resolutions, immediate past Council packets, Council minutes, and standing committee (Administrative, Human, and Urban Services Committees) minutes readily available. For help finding the proper department to ask for other City records, call the City Recorder at 541-766-6901 or e-mail your request. For recorded documents, information on property owners of record, etc., contact Benton County Records at 541-766-6831.
3. What is the Municipal Code and City Charter?
The general local laws of the City are contained in the Charter and the Municipal Code. The Charter is adopted by a vote of the people and may only be modified by submitting such a proposal to the voters. Provisions of the Municipal Code are adopted by the Council by means of an ordinance. To modify, delete, or add provisions, another ordinance must be adopted. Reference copies of the Municipal Code, ordinances, and the City Charter are also available for review at the Public Library, 645 NW Monroe. Call the City Recorder at 541-766-6901 for copies or for more information.

You may reach City Recorder Carla Holzworth HERE.

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