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Election Categories

Corvallis utilizes three types of elections
1. Primary (May)
2. General (November - even numbered years)
3. Special (November of odd numbered years)

Actual Conduct
The City places measures on the ballot and certifies the final election results. Elections are conducted by Benton County.

Types of City issues
The types of issues the City places on the ballot usually relate to Mayor/Council elections; proposed annexations; Charter amendments; and initiatives and referendum measures.

Initiative and Referendum
The initiative process, which requires collection of signatures equaling 15% of the votes cast in the last mayoral election, is generally initiated by citizens. Examples would include the measure to allow smoking in bars, the recall of an elected City official or a Charter amendment to, for example, require a vote of the people on annexations.

The referendum process, which requires collection of signatures equaling 10% of the votes cast in the last mayoral election, is used to refer legislation adopted by the governing body to a direct vote.

Initiatives and referenda are only permitted in May and November elections (per House Bill 2957, passed at the 2015 Regular Session)

The City must file its candidate roster and ballot measures with the County well in advance of the election date. If you are interested in more information, call the City Recorder at 541-766-6901.

For more information about elections and forms, visit the Oregon State Elections Division Web site.

The City either initiates measures or refers measures or candidates to the ballot through Benton County's Elections office.

Campaign Signs Regulations

Political signs shall be erected and maintained entirely on private property with the consent of the occupant of the premises.

No signs are permitted on public property, including rights-of-way, streets, boulevards, bridges, rights-of-way to bridges and streets, medians, parks, planting strips in front of parks, and any other public property.

The area between the sidewalk and the street is not private property; it is a public right-of-way and signs are not allowed.

Political signs shall not be erected prior to 60 days from the applicable election and shall be removed within 15 days after the election.

Registering to vote
To become a registered voter, you must be 18 years of age on the date of the next election, a resident of the State of Oregon (and the City of Corvallis for our local measures and candidates), a citizen of the United States, and, if you have not been registered to vote previously in the State, you must file 20 days prior to the next election date. If you have voted previously within the state, you need to check with Benton County Elections and you may be eligible to vote immediately. All prospective voters register with Benton County.

Political Action Committees
PACs are formed for both candidates and measures; they can be either in support of or opposition to the candidate or measure. PACs must be formed and registered with the Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division before any contributions are accepted or monies expended. Click here to find out more information about forming a PAC.  Once the election is over and all monies are accounted for, PACs should be discontinued.

Contribution and Expenditure Reports
PACs file C&E reports with the Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division on an established schedule.

If a candidate acts as his or her own Treasurer and expects to spend or receive less than $750 during the entire calendar year, reports do not need to be filed. If the candidate subsequently exceeds that amount, reports do need to be filed. Please visit the State Elections Division Web site and review the Campaign Finance Manual for instructions and a schedule of filing deadlines.

Nomination packets
The Municipal Code specifies the filing period for Mayor and Council positions as " earlier than 99 days and not later than 5:00 pm on the eighty-first day before the election."

County Voters' Pamphlet
Benton County occasionally publishes a Voters' Pamphlet for elections. A copy of the form may be obtained from the County Elections Office. Usually, these need to be filed with the County about two months before the election.


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